Project name:

Lampica - LED lamp

Project description:

The first product that was created in the Student enterprise was a small LED lamp, in the form of a keychain, under the name Lampica. The idea for creating the product was created by students and professors from the Faculty of technical sciences in Novi Sad. The goal was to create a product that would light up a large surface, but also be easy to use and find at any moment.

The product consists of three white led diodes, a body that contains a battery and the back plug with a spring. The head of the lamp is made hexagonal with the intention to mimic the logo of the Department for industrial engineering and management, which is based on the same shape. The material, which is mainly used is powder coated aluminium. The body is painted grey, and the head is royal blue. The surfaces are hand polished on rough and fine wet sandpaper, which is part of the CNC machine.

The product is entirely made within the faculty, by twenty five students, during slightly more than a year.