Project name:

Ključko - Key organizer

Project description:

Ključko presents the second product by Student enterprise. It's a light, simple and durable product, which stems from the need to stop unnecessary noise made by keys, as well as to reduce the space, which they take up. The product holds keys neatly, in one place. The idea came from a professor and student from the Faculty of technical sciences in Novi Sad.

The product is made entirely out of aluminium, which is anodized blue. After these processes, screen printing is done. Using said materials and processes, the requirement for minimal weight and durability were met. Ključko - Key organizer, also, has rounded edges, processed with wet sandpaper, that allow for ease of use - the product doesn’t get caught on other materials, or damage cloth, which is very suitable for purses and backpacks. Also, there is no possibility of injury while picking up the product. What contributes to the aesthetics of the product, and ease of use, is the smaller width in the middle of the product, as well as the general small dimensions it possesses.

For this project, seven months of constant work were needed.

Ključko is a completely innovative product for the Serbian market and can't be bought in free sale.